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about us


Muniam's mission is to help keep data secure.
The internet is a hostile environment and to stay safe you need the best security. And that is what Muniam provides.
We offer our products and services around the world and we are available around the clock.

What does the name Muniam mean?

Muniam is Latin for "I will protect".


Managed firewall

When implementing security choosing a firewall is only the first step. The quality of your security also depends on the people managing the firewall.
Muniam is staffed by people with deep knowledge of firewalls. We have been designing and managing firewalls for over a decade.
You can completely outsource your firewall operations to us.

We are passionate

We care deeply about openness (inspectability), correctness, security and reliability because we care about IT working well and we care about keeping information private.

We love Open Source!

All Muniam firewalls are based on the Open Source operating system OpenBSD. OpenBSD is well known for its focus on security and reliability and has an excellent track record

Muniam is part of the Open Source community, we contribute to OpenBSD.

The main developer of the firewall component of OpenBSD is one of the founders of Muniam.