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  • The Muniam Difference

the Muniam difference

The one and only

Muniam is completely focused on firewalls and routers, it is what we live and breathe.
We love our customers, we provide fast response and dedicated service.
Our managed firewalls are higly secure and reliable because they are based on the number 1 secure operating system OpenBSD and maintained by experts.
Muniam firewalls are scalable - there is an easy transition from one type of firewall hardware to the next with no downtime.
No vendor lock-in as there are other sources of OpenBSD expertise and support.
We are based in the Netherlands and not in the USA so we can offer unencumbered and uncomprised security.

Firewalls by the experts

The majority of pf (the firewall component of OpenBSD on which Muniam firewalls are based) was written by Henning Brauer, one of the founders of Muniam.

Our team has unrivalled technical knowledge of pf and firewalls and we weren't born yesterday... Actually we have been building and supporting firewalls for over a decade.

So you can rest assured that your firewalls are managed by a team of experts.

No hassle

  • very little or no downtime because all Muniam firewalls are fully redundant
  • no quibbles hardware warranty as standard
  • Muniam can be reached 24/7 (with the appropriate service level)
  • we handle all software maintenance (security fixes, upgrades)
  • individual service by dedicated techs with a team behind them

OpenBSD based

The Muniam firewalls are OpenBSD based. OpenBSD is developed to be the #1 most secure operating system.

OpenBSD is Open Source so it is inspectable. Everyone can see that it is as secure as possible.

OpenBSD is the best base on which to build a firewall, closed source can never be trusted like Open Source and no Open Source operating system even comes close to OpenBSD's security.

But OpenBSD is only the start. We combine OpenBSD with the right hardware, the right redundancy, the right expertise and the right service.

How we support you

You have your own dedicated tech. This is the person that usually handles your requests. But this person is part of the Muniam team and if he or she is not available someone else will handle urgent requests.

Depending on the service level you choose Muniam is available 24/7 and we always deliver a fast response.

We can support you by e-mail, by phone and on-site.


No hidden backdoors

We allow you to verify that the Muniam firewall software is stock OpenBSD (of course with the latest updates applied).