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why a managed firewall?

Managed firewall

A managed firewall is an effective way to reduce IT security cost and improve security and reliability.

With a Muniam firewall your security is always up to date and your costs are fixed. Our experts are available around the clock.

Organisations can completely outsource their firewall operation to Muniam.

Our managed firewalls combine the firewall hardware with software, management and support into a single bundle with a monthly or yearly subscription price.

Best expertise

Muniam is staffed by actual experts who have many years of experience. This is something that is almost impossible to have for non-firewall-specialised vendors.
Your IT staff can concentrate on other company needs.

Enhanced monitoring

The firewalls are continuously monitored by Muniam.

Muniam has invested in extensive monitoring infrastructure. We keep an eye on every little detail of your firewalls.

No hassle

Never worry about your firewall again.

All Muniam firewalls are fault tolerant and come with a no quibble hardware warranty.

The firewalls are managed by our experts.

Business benefits

Predictable IT costs
Savings by avoiding the acquisition of expensive IT resources and, instead, outsourcing to a partner
Reduced capital outlay
Up-to-date security and functionality